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Check it out! New post on my day out in Exeter. :)

Friday Aug 8 @ 06:43pm


Today I went shopping and bought two new skirts, a stunning maxi dress, a lacy shirt and two beautiful tops to take with me on my holiday next week. Thinking about it, I have bought so many lovely things recently, including a pair of cat eye sunglasses, various silver jewellrey items, high end makeup bits and pieces (my favourite being the new YSL mascara), summer shoes, a half block/ half sheer maxi skirt from Topshop and some skin, hair and body treatments to try out from La Roche Posay, and Clinique! So much for saving for my trip to New York… oops! 

This weekend I am hoping to go to the Bristol Harbor festival with my Grandparents, before heading home to Taunton to spend some time with my boyfriend and friends before my two week retreat to France! 

I literally can’t wait to go to France and start using my French again (as well as eating lots of delicious French food, exploring the gorgeous shops and lying on the beach in the sun!)

My 17th birthday will be whilst I am there too, which will be a shame in one sense as I won’t see my boyfriend, but fantastic in another as I will have a lovely birthday in the sun, enjoying one of my absolute favourite countries with my wonderful parents, brothers and Auntie Julie. 

Life is good!


Friday Jul 7 @ 01:18pm

Rihanna for River Island

Monday Jul 7 @ 12:28pm


I have just got back form a morning of leisurely shopping in Cabot Circus.

My purchases included a jersey material, grey midi dress - the same one that Millie Mackintosh was seen wearing at London fashion week - which I think will look really cool with some oversized sunglasses, chunky bracelets and chelsea boots when the weather warms up a little! I also bought a mauve, lace flippy dress along with several lace and chiffon shirts, two pairs of skinny jeans and a gorgeous chiffon-front jumper.

Au revoir money!  

I also went into Harvey Nichols to have a quick peek at the Louboutins. I am on the lookout for a pair of absolutely killer heels and I wanted to have a look to see if the heels are as high as they appear to be online as they often are not in alot of cases.  Louboutin certainly delivers! I have taken note and now the saving begins… ;)

Monday Mar 3 @ 09:34am
Me in Barcelona, taken by Rosie Caudwell.

Me in Barcelona, taken by Rosie Caudwell.

Thursday Mar 3 @ 06:37pm
Good girl.

Good girl.

Monday Feb 2 @ 10:06am