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Things that have occurred to me over the past 24 hours:

1.) It is harder to sleep when you are happy than it is when you are anxious or upset.

2.) Watercolour paintings are currently underrated and should be glorified more by my generation as opposed to overrated modern art pieces which show no real skill.

3.) J.M.W Turner’s “The fighting Temeraire” is a very difficult piece to produce a critical studies painting on…

4.) People try far too hard on their blogs to glamorize their daily lives through endless poetic posts as a means of fabricating a false image of their perfectly average being.

5.) My boyfriend’s use of punctuation and grammar isn’t dissimilar to my twelve year old brother, which is mildly concerning seeing as he studies a language at University… 

6.) The Church of England - underneath the warmth and friendliness of it’s exterior appearance - is homophobic, sexist and futile. 

7.) After much debate in my mind, rose gold IS pretty.

8.) I despise the formula of the Chanel Ombre Unique Shadowlights eyeshadow. It is ridiculously hard to work with, being powdery and almost too pigmented. Nightmare.

9.) The Audi A8 is currently my favourite car. Incredible!

10.) I need to read more…

Tuesday May 5 @ 12:11pm